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Computer technology is great! It connects us with friends and family, and up-to-the-minute information from across the globe. It’s great until it stops working, and then it’s not so great and that’s when you need computer geeks to help you.  Of course we speak English!

Computer Services

That’s where I come in. If you have computer software, hardware, or networking problems, I can help.  I work on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, and can make software, hardware, and even workflow suggestions to your personal/business systems.

With over 35 years of experience, I’ve seen and worked on all of it.  And I can put that experience to help you with your computer-related problem.

Computer Help – What sorts of things can I assist you with?

  • Is your computer feeling under the weather with the latest virus going around?  Contact me, and I can help to get your computer feeling well again.  I have a range of software tools that work well at removing viruses, malware, rootkits.
  • Are you looking to breathe new life into an aging computer?  I can examine your system, and based on your budget requirements, I can make recommendations that will breathe new life into your old system.  For example, updating to new hard drive technology can make your computer feel faster (speeding up the boot process, the loading of programs, etc.).
  • Data Migration – I can help you to move data from an old computer to a new one.
  • We can help troubleshoot and help guide with purchases of internet, portable wifi solutions (mifi device), SIM cards and more

I can work on your equipment in my office, or I can come to your home or business to work.  My rates are very reasonable, so please call, email, or contact me via WhatsApp, and we can discuss your issue.

What business services do you provide?

For those businesses that need regular (weekly, monthly, or project-related) technology services, I can provide on-call or specialized help.  Please call to discuss your requirements.  Typical services I provide for businesses include:

  • System Backup – The bad news is that computers fail, people make mistakes, and a lot of other things can occur.  I can design and implement a backup system for your business to minimize the problems that occur due to hardware failure or other data-loss scenarios.
  • Training – If you or your staff need to be trained on software or a business process, I can create a training program for you.  This can be geared towards all technical levels.
  • Software Assistance – Is there a business process that you would like to implement, but don’t know where to start?  I can help with the Microsoft Office and Google Suite of applications, such as Excel/Sheets, Word, etc.
  • Almuñécar Info now a point of sale for the Lobster mobile service.  If you need a SIM card while in Spain, we can make that happen.  Click here for more information.

Free Consultation

If you have a computer problem, give me a call, and we can talk about what’s going on.  Maybe it’s a quick issue and I can point you in the right direction.  If you’re confused, please contact me, and let’s get you unconfused.

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