Fisioclinica La Herradura

Avda. Francisco Prieto Moreno, La Herradura, Andalucia, Spain 18697 +34 629 593 264
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Fisioterapia La Herradura

We are a clinic specialized in sports physiotherapy and osteopathy.  Patients are treated from a global and holistic point of view.  Each person is different, so we personalize and adapt the treatments to the needs of each individual.

Our goal is to analyze and treat the source of your injury through clinical reasoning and an accurate and comprehensive diagnosis.  We address the cause with the most appropriate and effective treatments for each case, thus patient recovery is as fast as possible.

Enrique Aranda is the director and physiotherapist with extensive experience in the sports field. Currently, the physiotherapist of the professional basketball team Coviran Granada (league LEB ORO). He was in the lower categories of the Malaga football club and in Madrid and in the basketball team Viten Getafe (league LEB PLATA). Enrique obtained a double degree in Physiotherapy and Science of Physical Activity & Sports from the European University of Madrid.

Physiotherapy La Herradura Example prices per Session €35,  5 sessions bonus €150 (prices may vary depending on treatment)

Services Offered

  • Traumatological physiotherapy
  • Orthopedic manual therapy
  • Sports physiotherapy
  • Osteopathy
  • Ultrasound-guided invasive physiotherapy
  • Dry acupuncture -a technique that involves the use of a needle on the trigger points or muscle nodules (muscle contraction knots), with the aim of treating myofascial pain syndrome.
  • Percutaneous therapeutic electrolysis
  • Musculoskeletal ultrasound
  • Myofascial therapy
  • Shock waves –The shock wave treatment is based on an acoustic wave that brings a lot of energy to the painful points and musculoskeletal tissues with subacute, subchronic and chronic conditions.
  • Cupping fascial – cupping therapy comes from the healing practices of the ancient shamans of Mesopotamia. It consists of the application of suction cups on the skin, with which the vacuum is made, sucking the skin and part of the muscle, in such a way that the pores are opened and favors the blood and lymphatic circulation.
  • Neuromuscular bandage (Kinesio taping)
  • Functional bandage
  • Alternative medicine
  • Chiropractic

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Call for an appointment at 629 593 264


Located in Edificio Bahía Jardín, Local 7, next to the Civic Center.  It is located on the back side of the building overlooking the riverbed.  You may access Fisioclinica LH via Avda. Fco. Prieto Moreno or via Calle Acera del Pilar, over the pedestrian bridge.

Fisioclinica LH, a physical therapy clinic specialized in sports physiotherapy and osteopathy. Patients are treated from a global and holistic point of view. Located in the heart of La Herradura in Costa Tropical Spain.


Somos una clínica especializada en fisioterapia deportiva y osteopatía en la que vemos al paciente desde un punto de vista global y holístico. Cada persona es diferente por lo que personalizamos y adaptamos los tratamientos a las necesidades de cada uno.

Nuestro objetivo es analizar y llegar hasta el origen de su lesión por medio de un razonamiento clínico y un diagnóstico preciso y exhaustivo. Abordar la causa con los tratamientos más adecuados y eficaces para cada caso y así recuperar al paciente de la manera más rápida posible.

Enrique Aranda es el director y fisioterapeuta con amplia experiencia en el campo deportivo. Actualmente es el fisioterapeuta del equipo profesional de baloncesto Coviran Granada (liga LEB ORO), estuvo en las categorías inferiores del Malaga club de futbol y en Madrid en el equipo de baloncesto Viten Getafe (liga LEB PLATA). Doble graduado en Fisioterapia y Ciencias de la actividad Física y del Deporte por la Universidad Europea de Madrid.

Fisioterapia La Herradura Sesión 35€, Bono 5 sesiones-150€


  • Fisioterapia traumatológica
  • Terapia manual ortopédica
  • Fisioterapia deportiva
  • Osteopatía
  • Fisioterapia invasiva ecoguiada
  • Puncion seca
  • Electrolisis percutánea terapéutica
  • Ecografía musculoesqueletica
  • Terapia miofascial
  • Ondas de choque
  • Cupping fascial
  • Vendaje neuromuscular (kinesiotaping)
  • Vendaje funcional
Phone+34 629 593 264

Monday - Friday by appointment only
Saturday - Sunday Closed

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Address Avda. Francisco Prieto Moreno, La Herradura, Andalucia, Spain 18697
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