Foreigner's Office (Extranjería Motril) Nacional Police Station

Ronda del Mediodía, 1, 18600 Motril 958 834 909, 958 834 906, 958 834 907, 958 834 908
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The foreigners office (Extranjería Motril) for Costa Tropical is located in the Motril Nacional Police Station (Comisaría de Policía Nacional).

Fax: 958 605 754  Phone:  958 834 909, 958 834 906, 958 834 907, 958 834 908 (9am – 2pm)


Need help with your TIE or Residency?
Almuñécar Info can help you! 
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If you have a digital certificate in Spain, you may be able to initiate your procedures online,  Check here.


Immigration!  You need an appointment (Cita) with the National Police. You can follow the step by step process for your appointment, just click here.

  • Apply for or renew your TIE residence card  –  select “EXPEDICIÓN DE TARJETA DE IDENTIDAD DE EXTRANJERO (T.I.E.)“.


  • If you need an appointment due to the Brexit Withdrawl agreement –  select “POLICÍA-EXP.TARJETA ASOCIADA AL ACUERDO DE RETIRADA CIUDADANOS BRITÁNICOS Y SUS FAMILIARES (BREXIT)

Please remember that you need an appointment for EACH person, so if you are a family of 5, you will need 5 appointments. You do not need an appointment to pick up your completed residence card.

Foreigners Office online appointments are here!

Select “Granada”, if you have your browser automatically translate look for the word “Pomegranate”.  Then follow the buttons to make your appointment.



If you wish to make a request for a prior appointment at the Motril police station, select the Request for Authorizations procedure from the drop-down list and press accept, then you must check the option for Motril Police Station, Aguas del Hospital (S / N); If you want to submit a residence application at the Granada Immigration Office, you must check the option for Immigration Office in Granada, San Agapito (2).



If you will be in Spain more than 183 days in a calendar year, you will need to request residency.  You will need and NIE, your foreign ID number and your TIE, which is your resident card.
  For this action you would choose the foreigners offices and request an authorization for residency appointment. 
Please contact us and we can refer you to an immigration lawyer , gestor, or we can guide you through this process, all fee based. 




Things to do in Motril while you are there before or after your appointment:

  • The sugar mill museum is very interesting and they can give you a tour in English.  It is very close to where you would hop off the bus (near the McDonald’s).
  • In that same general area is some shopping available (Al Campo similar to Walmart or Tesco, Sprinter a sporting goods store, Worten an electronics store).
  • You can also walk down the main street to the city center for more high street or name brand shops and stores.  The area is marked on the map with a red line.
  • There are some nice parks in Motril and very close to the police station.  One of them is named parque de los Pueblos de America.


Granada City

If you want to make an appointment for Granada city you may do so Online.  Keep checking to see if the Motril office will offer this service.  If you find that they do, feel free to contact us so we can update this page.  Link to Map location of Granada extranjero office, click here.


expedition TIE
NIE certificates and allocation
Invitation letters
Community regime
Extensions of stay
Non-profit residences
Reports nationality

Initial Application vs Renewal

The initial application of your resident card will require an appointment.  If it is a renewal, they are now allowing you submit the initial renew via other public offices.  You will still need to pay your bank fees and make an appointment to go to the foreigners office for the portion of the process which requires the finger prints.  You should receive a notice in the mail when it is time to go.  Of course you will also need to go to the office to pick up your cards, but will not require an appointment for that step.

As of October 2017 this is what is on their site:


NOTICE: The application for this authorization does not need to be presented PERSONALLY at the Aliens Office. It can be presented in any PUBLIC REGISTRY, through a CORREOS office or through the INTERNET, with digital certificate, in the url:

Applications for residence permits shall be submitted in person by the foreign worker or his representative. ONLY renovations of residence permits may also be filed in any other public registry.

You must submit the official application form EX-01 , indicating which authorization is involved and the access case.

NOTE: For more detailed information you should contact the Foreign Office or Unit of the corresponding province.



The maximum period for notifying resolutions shall be 3 months from the day following the date on which they were entered in the register of the competent body to process them.

It is recalled the obligation on taxable persons to pay the corresponding fees for the processing of the procedure on the authorization of residence, in accordance with Order PRE / 3/2010, dated January 11, published in BOE No. 10, of 12 of January.

It is also recalled that requests for the renewal of family members who are reunited and dependent must be presented and processed together with those of the sponsor, and therefore an appointment must be made for each family member who is dependent on the person concerned.

How to get to the Motril Foreigner’s Office (Extranjeria):



You can take the Alsa bus from the Almuñécar central bus station to Motril.  You will want to get off of the bus near the Al Campo shopping Center or when you see the McDonald’s ring the bell!  It is then about a 5-10 minute walk to the police station.  The bus is about 3.60 round trip and you may click on the map above for the walking directions.  When you want to return from Motril the bus stop is on the opposite side of the street.

Not all routes stop at this stop, so on the way there request a bus route map or look online in advance.   If you can’t get off or on at that stop it will take you to the end of the line at the Motril bus station.  You will then need to walk your way back, maybe 15 -20 minutes.  (Motril Bus Station and routes)

 You may click here to see bus schedule and buy tickets!



The building can be difficult to find and google has the former address still listed in town.   This is just off of the N340 (2nd exit in Motril).  There are directions on the map above.

It isn’t too far from the shopping area near Al Campo.  There aren’t many signs to guide you, so be on the look out for a simple white building.  You will only see the back side from the road and the main entrance is along a frontage road.

Motril Foreigners Office (Extranjeros) and Police Station Spain (2)

Motril Foreigners Office (Extranjeros) and Police Station Spain (2)


Just across the street from the Extranjeros or foreigners office in Motril, you will find 2 small shops to make photo copies, passport sized photos as well as assisting you will filling out online forms.
Passport photos, copies, forms and more across from Motril Foreigners Office (Extranjeros) and Police Station Spain (3)
Process to renew your Residence Visa for the non lucrative visa.  The process is similar for other visa types, as you are actually renewing your TIE or residence card.

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