Guardia Civil Almuñécar Civil Guard

Calle Nuevo Colorado Alto, 7, 18690 Almuñécar, Granada, España 062, +34 958 639 422 or 958 639 420
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Emergencies dial 112
Guardia Civil “guardia urbana” (Civil Guard) Almuñécar

The role of the police forces varies, although they also overlap. There is a high ratio of police officers to inhabitants in Spain and you will often see the local police around town. It is their role to deal with minor crimes such as traffic control and civil disturbances.

Guardia Civil “guardia urbana” (Civil Guard). The Guardia Civil wear green uniforms and may set up check points on the roads and patrol events and festivities. Don’t be alarmed if you see them armed and on the side of the road at a checkpoint. This is just the way it is.

Filing a Complaint electronically

Basically there are two classes:

  1. Criminal complaints : Are those complaints in which the perpetration of a crime or a criminal offense of those contained in the laws is reported. In many cases if there is no criminal complaint of the person harmed by the alleged criminal act, certain crimes and most criminal offenses cannot be investigated.
  2. Administrative complaints : Are those complaints in which it communicates a fact or omission that are contrary to administrative laws.

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General information attention: 900 101 062 free (fax 900 102 062)
Citizen collaboration for the fight against terrorism: 900-100-062


Denuncia – Complaint

Unfortunately, crime is a fact of life, no matter where in the world you live.  Hopefully, you’ll never have to go through the process of filing a complaint (denuncia), but if you do, this post will walk you through the steps.  In this post we walk you through the entire process and also provide English speaking contacts.

How to file a denuncia in Spain

Phone062, +34 958 639 422 or 958 639 420
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AddressCalle Nuevo Colorado Alto, 7, 18690 Almuñécar, Granada, España