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CBD has many properties. CBD (cannabidol), also known as the non-psychoactive substance in hemp, is known to cure everything from cellular changes to skin diseases, metabolism, brain disorders and much more. CBD of the hemp plant is a very potent antioxidant 30-50% stronger than vitamin C and E. CBD maintains homeostasis and therefore the healthy PH balance in the body that is essential for a good health.

Among its different uses, it can help reduce anxiety, pain, depression, acne, inflammation, diabetes, improve sleep and appetite.

CBD Oil for anxiety and relief Hemp Paradox Frigiliana

What makes us unique?

We go that extra mile!  We offer the best CBD products on the market, through having a close working relationship with our farmers.  We can therefore make sure the full process, from seed to harvest, is carried out with precision, integrity and most importantly grown organically with pioneering extraction techniques. These pioneering extraction techniques allow us to make sure we create a whole full spectrum of CBD oil, with every bit of the plants nutritional and medicinal compounds kept intact.

The years of experience we have with this amazing plant, between us and our farmers, means we can also show and educate people on how to grow and produce their own CBD rich products.

CBD Products – Productos de CBD

We offer many CBD products to suit your needs, including CBD cosmetics, CBD oils, CBD creams, Seeds and many more coming in the upcoming months.  We do not use chemicals, as nature is more powerful and safe for your body. This is a natural medicine, an alternative medicine with an holistic approach.

CBD Oil – CBD Aceite

CBD oil, Massage oil, CBD vape oil

CBD Creams – CBD Cremas

We offer a variety of CBD topical creams and lotions:

CBD cream, Hemp lotions, CBD lotions, Face moisturizer, Hand & Foot cream, Night cream, Healing balm, Pain relief, Hair repair, & more

CBD Shop – CBD Estancos

Our CBD shop is located in Frigiliana on the eastern edge of the Costa del Sol. Alternatively, you may visit our website to visit our CBD online shop.  We can attend to you in 3 different languages, English, Dutch, and Spanish.

We offer educational workshops held once a month at our CBD store location in Frigiliana.  Contact us for more information.


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We are not doctors and we don’t give out medical advice.
There are more than hundreds of thousands of articles and case studies on what CBD helps with.
Day by day we see more and more evidence to back up these claims.

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