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What is Lobster Mobile?

It’s simple…We’re Spain’s only ‘all-in-English’ mobile service.  We provide you with a Spanish SIM card that connects to our excellent 4G service.  There are three plans from which to choose, so just choose the data bundle you need.  Registration and setup are very simple.  Once you have your Spanish SIM, you can activate it online in a matter of minutes.  Or if you prefer, we are a local Lobster agent and can sign you up and activate the SIM for you.

Servicing Almuñécar – La Herradura and surrounding areas.

We will also ship a sim card to you in the USA, UK and other countries, but you will need to activate when you arrive in Spain.


Contact us to request your sign up with Almuñécar Lobster now!

AlmunecarInfo@gmail.com  +34 635 107 161  (WhatsApp or call)

* Almuñécar Info is a point of sale for the All English Lobster Spanish SIM Cards. 

Spain SIM Card Plans

As you can see below, the plan choices are very simple.  You receive Spanish mobile number.  All of the plans include Unlimited Calls and Unlimited Texts to Spain and the UK, as well as other countries.  The difference in plans comes down to the amount of data that is provided.  If you don’t use a lot of data, the Small Plan great, while if you use a lot of data, perhaps the Large Plan is the correct plan.  And if you’re somewhere in the middle, the Medium Plan is a good choice.

You can have the plan renew every 28 days or start and stop (by the month) as you desire.  You may also use it for a while and then “park” or stop your plan for a month or two as well, just in case you are away.  The prices you see include iva (vat), so there won’t be any surprises.

One payment gets you 28 days of service. You can then keep going, add more data, leave or even ‘park your number’ for a while.



Which Countries Are Included In The Lobster Phone Plans?


While you’re in Spain, you may call these countries (included in your plan):

The Lobster phone plans currently includes unlimited calls and texts to Denmark, Germany, Gibraltar, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, France, Belgium, Romania, the United Kingdom, USA, and Spain.  So if you are calling the USA or UK from Spain or to any one of those countries, you’re covered!  There are no extra costs*

*Note:  Spanish premium numbers and special numbers (like 901 and 902 numbers) aren’t included in the plans and are charged, for prices click on our price guide.  It is best to have a balance of credit associated with your account and the fees will be deducted from that balance.

Lobster-Countries -international calls_lobster mobile spain

When you are outside of Spain, you may call these (In most of the EU or UK)

These are the countries where you may roam with the international Lobster plan, at no additional cost:
the UK, or any country in the European Economic Area

You will receive unlimited calls & texts, plus the data plan you selected!
Lobster countries list when you are calling, texting and data outside of Spain with your international Lobster plan. Read more on https://directory.almunecarinfo.com/listing/lobster-spanish-sim-card/

Everywhere else?

If you want to contact someone outside of our unlimited countries, here’s how much it will cost you.

All you need to do is make sure you’ve added enough credit on and off you go.



Spain Only (the non international plan)

As of April 2022, Lobster has added a new plan Just for Spain!
For those of you needing national calls and data, but not international calls!
The tariff plan is 10 euros for 28 days!
Price of SMS in Spain: 0.06€ (excluding taxes)

Lobster mobile Spain only plan


What Does “All-In-English” Mean?

It’s simple.  The Lobster service is geared towards English speakers with a Spanish mobile.  SIM activation on the web is done in English, which means setting up your phone is super easy.  The handy Lobster mobile app is also in English and is easy to use.  Your customer service is in English!  If you have questions or issues with your Lobster service, when you contact Support, you’ll be greeted by an English speaker.

Request a Spanish SIM Card

If you are located in Almuñécar or Costa Tropical, we are your local Lobster point of sale.  We can provide you with a Spanish SIM card, with all support and documentation in English.  We can also assist with the SIM card activation, if you desire.  We can meet you anywhere in town to set you up or you can make an appointment to come to us (San Cristobal side of town).  In some situations, we may be able to send you the SIM card in advance, so you can activate when you arrive in Spain (shipping fees may apply).

Contact us to request your sign up with Lobster now!  LobsterAlmunecar@gmail.com +34 635 107 161  (WhatsApp or call)

* Almuñécar Info is a point of sale for the All English Lobster Spanish SIM Cards.  if you aren’t in the area, we can send them to you!

Lobster-Mobile the all in English provider. How to get a Lobster SIM Card on the Costa Tropical (Almunecar Spain). Read more on Almunecarinfo.com